Here at Adelaide Great Danes, we do not breed often, therefore when we do have a litter we take great strides to ensure our puppies go to outstanding, warm, and compassionate homes. Our puppies are born in our home where they gets lots of touching, people and other animal interactions, lots of stimulation and socialization. We use the Carmen Battaglia Early Neurological Stimulation to help our puppies develop and respond positively to the world that awaits them.
The focus of our breeding program (breeding occurs on a very limited basis) is based on three very important factors: temperament, health, and structure/conformation (breed type). Our dogs are raised to have great temperaments (expected, not hoped for). Before a breeding ever takes place, months of careful research is required to find the best stud dog or bitch.We breed to dogs/bitches that are fully health tested per OFFA, have sound temperaments and minds and that would enhance our breeding program for the betterment of the breed. When you have a giant breed, even the smallest issues cannot be overlooked. As these animals are family members first and foremost, therefore exceptional consideration is taken so they can be with you for many years to come. We do not breed for size, we breed to produce the best pups possible, meeting the Dane standard in all areas. You need a well proportioned Dane to breed for structure, sound minds, health, temperament, and good movement. We like to see our Danes excel in conformation, obedience and agility, as therapy dogs, and/or as a companion. No matter which area you chose to enter, it's important to have a puppy, with a great pedigree behind him/her. No matter if the puppy is for companionship or competition of some sort, they all deserve to be well bred and healthy. 
You get what you breed, and you cannot expect quality if you don't breed doubt about it. 
Our sole purpose is to breed for the betterment of the Great Dane. We adhere to the Great Dane Club of America’s Code of Ethics and their Ethical Color Breeding Guide.  

Adelaide Great Danes take great care in the placement of our pups. Careful screening and evaluation of each potential puppy family is done to ensure that each puppy is placed in an outstanding, warm, and compassionate home where they are family first and foremost. With all the efforts that go into each litter, in return we look for the best families. There is nothing worse than to have puppies go to a home where you constantly worry about their well being, are spoiled enough, are they being taken care to our satisfaction. We worry about that every time we send a puppy outside of our home. Per our contract; puppy families are required to keep in regular contact with Adelaide Great Danes telling us how the puppy is doing at home, in social situations, and health. We also require regular pictures so we can see for ourselves the well being of the puppies in your home. This allows us to keep track of the puppy's progress throughout its lifetime. Puppies are adopted on a contract for the best interest of Adelaide Great Danes, the puppies, and the new puppy owner. Pet/companion puppies will be given limited registration only. Show puppies will be sold with co-ownership. Co-ownership is for potential breeding possibilities, showing purposes, and breeder recognition. Any puppy that is obtained from Adelaide Great Danes comes with a lifetime breeder support. 

In the event if you have to surrender your Dane obtained from Adelaide Great Danes for any reason; no questions asked; they are REQUIRED to come back to Adelaide Great Danes for evaluation and replacement. They are NEVER to be placed in a shelter or adopted to another person without approval of Adelaide Great Danes.  

Please keep in mind owning a Great Dane can be VERY expensive. The costs of proper food and veterinary care can be far more expensive than most breeds due to the giant size of the Dane. Are you financially prepared for the responsibility of raising a Great Dane? Our puppies are our family members 24/7 who live in our home, NEVER kenneled, and showing and/or performance comes second. Our goal for each puppy is to have it live its entire life in a loving home, with an appropriate, appreciative family. We will not place any puppy with anyone who would not do the same.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  We do believe in spay/neutering at the appropriate age. There is a large amount of research that supports age appropriate spay/neutering is important. Spay/neutering at an inappropriate age and lead to improper growth and developmental problems especially for a giant breed like a Great Dane. Great Danes have a longer growth and maturation period compared to smaller animals. They need the reproductive hormones to allow for adequate growth and maturation. Proper and natural growth is essential to developing the necessary and balanced skeletal structure that will support a long and healthy life. 

*****Please be aware and informed that many US States have been trying to pass mandatory spay/neuter laws and which one would apply to you if any.******
 Please contact your assembly and senate representatives to express your opposition to this type of legislation should it be proposed in your state. 

We do believe and enforce age appropriate spay/neuter by contract which indicates you are committed to having your puppy spay/neutered before the age of 18 months but not earlier than 15 months for pet/companion puppy dogs and before the age of 14 months but not earlier the 11 month for puppy bitches.  Links for spa/neuter information is located on the links page

We do have a few stipulations when purchasing one of our Danes.  They are very important to us and we care about the health and well being of our puppies. We do not sell to any families where both parents work the same shift, which would mean crating the puppy for 5 or more hours a day. It's hard to raise a happy, health puppy when (s)he spends too much time crated.  Spending too much time in a crate can also lead to growing problems and anxiety issues. Fenced in yard is also important if you live in the city---though if your living out in the country it may not be as necessary. Being able to exercise off lead--to us--is a necessity, not a luxury! Going for walks is also a plus, good experiences and different scenery helps to make your puppy grow up to be a sociably acceptable adult. Along with enrolling in puppy kindergarten classes and other obedience classes for a well balanced and obedient puppy. Here at Adelaide Great Danes we emphasizes using only positive reinforcement in training any puppy. A puppy should never be hit/ kicked/ neglected or have to endure anything that could potentially inflict injury whether it be physical or mental. Are you willing to adhere to using only positive reinforcement in training your puppy and also throughout its lifetime? 

If you would like to be considered for a puppy, please fill out our Puppy Application.

Please note: No application will be considered if sent incomplete. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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